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BELKIN Qi Wireless Charging Spot (Surface Installation) 4-pack /B2B174vf

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BELKIN Qi Wireless Charging Spot (Surface Installation) 4-pack /B2B174vf (B2B174VF)
BELKIN Qi Wireless Charging Spot (Surface Installation) 4-pack /B2B174vf (B2B174VF)
BELKIN Qi Wireless Charging Spot (Surface Installation) 4-pack /B2B174vf (B2B174VF)
BELKIN Qi Wireless Charging Spot (Surface Installation) 4-pack /B2B174vf (B2B174VF)
BELKIN Qi Wireless Charging Spot (Surface Installation) 4-pack /B2B174vf (B2B174VF)
BELKIN Qi Wireless Charging Spot (Surface Installation) 4-pack /B2B174vf (B2B174VF)

BELKIN Qi Wireless Charging Spot (Surface Installation) 4-pack /B2B174vf

Varenr.: B2B174VF
  • Type Opladere
Forventes på lager 13-11-2020

The BOOST↑UP Wireless Charging Spot brings convenient, fast and cable-free charging into public environments. Universally-compatible, Qi-certified charging pads are easily integrated into any location to provide an enhanced customer experience. This four-pack can be powered from a single AC outlet and configured for flexible positioning. Qi-certification ensures compatibility with wireless-charging-enabled iPhones, Samsung devices, Sony, LG and many other Qi-enabled devices.

Offering wireless charging to your consumers can bring far-reaching benefits. Wireless charging can encourage consumers to spend more time on the premises, increase traffic and portray a modern, future-ready business. Ideal for many types of commercial location, from restaurants and cafes, to gyms and sports arenas.

The BOOST UP Wireless Charging Spot for surface installation sits on top of a table or counter for convenient placement and easy-to-see availability. Installation is easy thanks to standard grommet-hole dimensions, although professional installation is recommended. A window/table sticker is included to inform customers that wireless charging is available here.

The four wireless charging pads can be easily configured to suit your commercial space. Align the pads in a row along a counter, position them at the four corners of a table, or center them in the middle of a surface for easy access from any angle. Powering the four pads is centralized through a single AC outlet to minimize wiring.

Designed for ongoing use in public spaces, the BOOST↑UP Wireless Charging Spot offers commercial grade durability. Liquid and dust-resistance preserves functionality and appearance, while the semi-permanent mounting deters movement and theft. The included cable-management system keeps public spaces uncluttered and walkways clear to ensure business continues without interruption.

Durable plastic cap with non-slip ring holds charging device in place
Specially engineered film minimizes interference to protect phone functionality while charging
Robust internal structure protects 10-watt transmitter coil
Qi-certified 10-watt transmitter coil for faster wireless charging
WPC-compliant intelligent chipset enhances performance and efficiency
Electronics housing protects circuit board to provide added durability
Gasket seals around mounting hole
Robust housing ensures product longevity and simple installation

- Pioneer in technology and innovation for over 35 years
- 10W delivers fast wireless charging for all Qi-enabled devices
- Commercial grade ensures durability for lasting functionality and minimal upkeep
- 4-pack offers flexible configuration to suit location
- 4 pads are powered from a single AC outlet

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